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Please note: the corporation is purely fictional and bares no resemblance to any existing flourishing or bancrupt company.
No comic character is meant to portray real people.



Aldona Kaczkowski




I am very happy that you visited my site and enjoy my publications. The comics you find in the blog are all drawn and written by myself. All the material, comics and pictures you find on the pages can be downloaded on your computer for free. Feel free to even print them and hang them on your walls or attach them to your pinboards at the offices. The more people see my work, the happier I am as an artist. Please make sure that you reference the material to I encourage personal use of my comics and cartoons and am happy if you share them with your friends.


I would like to kindly ask you not to use any of these materials for commercial purpose (see copyright disclaimer below). The copyright law protects the artist's intellectual property of the publications from exploitation by third parties. Without copyright laws, immaterial things like ideas, stories and drawings would be valueless. I would like to keep control over where my comics are being re-produced.


Without official permission/license my comics are not allowed to be printed in electronic or media publications. Also please don't publish the comics on other internet pages without my permission. In case you are interested to publish any of my work, please contact me via e-mail to obtain the necessary permission.


Thank you for respecting my artistic ownership. And I hope you'll continue enjoying the fun of the Working Beauty comic-blog-soap

with best regards


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